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A secure inquiry and registration portal for Cura-Can Health Corp group of clinics enabling patients to connect with our team of educators and physicians across Canada in person or via a secure telemedicine platform.

Our Mission

To be the Canadian market leader for cannabis and hemp based products and services

Cura-Can is …



Largest National network of Canada-wide medical cannabis clinics


Refined medical protocols for better treatment of illness-specific states


Experienced medical advisory board


Provider of Select brand of hemp-based CBD oils and products

1) MD and Patient Educators

2) Choice of Producers for Optimal Health

3) Resource Centres & Virtual Clinics Across Canada

4) Telemedicine Convenience

Conditions that may benefit from medical cannabis:

Chronic pain syndromes
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Spasticity-Multiple Sclerosis
Neuropathic Pain
Cancer Nausea & Appetite
IBD – Crohn’s Disease
Movement Disorders
Anxiety/Sleep disorders
Spinal Injuries
Palliative Care

What is Medical Cannabis?

There has been a growing acceptance and body of literature to support the therapeutic benefits of medical cannabis for various conditions and ailments.

Cannabinoids, THC and CBD, the main active ingredients in the cannabis plant, are part of the current prescription medical approach (Nabilone, is a synthetic THC and Sativex is a cannabis extract with a fixed ratio mix of THC and CBD) for treating various conditions such as weight loss due to cancer, neuropathic pain, analgesia, spasticity, etc.

The cannabis plant contains 70+ cannabinoids (THC and CBD being the most common active ingredients) and 400 or so compounds including terpenes which all work synergistically and collectively to form the essence of the cannabis plant’s healing properties.

Staffing at
Medical Cannabis

Cura-Can is a patient-centric company with Resource Centres & Virtual Clinics across Canada geared to provide safe access to patients seeking treatment alternatives to their medical conditions with the use of cannabis.

Each site is staffed with an intake coordinator, a nurse/patient educator and physician with training and expertise in the consultation and prescription of medical cannabis.

Am I Eligible
for Medical

a. Over 25 years of age (Younger patients require screening and support by their MD or specialist as in cases of epilepsy)
b. Have tried medications or surgery and still have pain or limitations
c. Medication has had undesirable effects
d. Have tried other therapies such as physiotherapy, chiropractic etc.
e. Have a medical file on record
f. Identify a reason as to why cannabis may help the symptoms

Medical Cannabis
or Dispensary

Medical grade cannabis can only be obtained through a federally approved licensed producer with strict pharmacy grade growing facilities and laboratories. The product is tested at approved labs for consistency of product, levels of THC and CBD (active ingredients in the cannabis plant) and for contaminants.

They provide a clean source of cannabis which is mould free, bacteria, pest and pesticide free. A recent Globe and Mail article indicated that over 1/3 of dispensary product is not safe and would not pass Health Canada standards given high levels of contaminants.

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